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Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms in India

The cryptocurrency craze is also becoming really wild in India and many people are making some serious bets in cryptocurrency. If you are interested in buying or trading cryptocurrency in India and if you are in search of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms in India, then today we bring you a list on the same.

However, before you ahead and buy or trade cryptocurrency from any of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms in India listed below, we recommend you that you understand the technology behind cryptocurrency, how cryptocurrency works, and how the cryptocurrency market works before making any investment.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms in India

  1. Unocoin:
    Unocoin is one of India’s best cryptocurrency trading platform. Customers can choose to buy cryptocurrency and pay for it using NEFT, net banking or RTGS.
    Unocoin is a company that is regulated in India and is backed by investors from the United States. A fee of 1 percent is charged for transactions and if the trading volume is sufficiently high, the transaction fee is reduced to 0.7 percent. Unocoin also has an Android application.
  2. Zebpay:
    Zebpay is another cryptocurrency trading platform in India. Zebpay offer an Android and iOS application to make it easier for people to buy Bitcoin and payments can be done using any Indian bank account.
    Like Unocoin, Zebpay is also a company that is regulated in India. Zebpay also offers additional features the ability to purchase airtime for mobile and Bitcoin gift vouchers. There is a multi-sig feature incorporated into this application for better security.
  3. Coinmama:
    Another popular website in India to trade cryptocurrency in Coinmama. This platform allows customers from any country to purchase cryptocurrency using their debit or credit card. And for each purchase that is done on Coinmama, the fee that is charged can be anywhere below 6 percent depending on the payment mode that is selected by the user.
    Coinmama offers the highest possible buy limits for credit card purchases of cryptocurrencies and for all purchases that exceed $150, identity verification is required.
  4. LocalBitcoins:
    LocalBitcoins is also a very popular cryptocurrency trading platform in India. LocalBitcoins works more like a platform that unites people interested in selling their own Bitcoin and people interested in buying other’s Bitcoin. Cash deposit the payment method that is commonly preferred in the platform, however, people selling Bitcoin can specify any payment method of their choice and convenience.

Final Words

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